Sebastien Bellin

Hi, I’m Sebastien Bellin. Sports fans may know me as a professional basketball player. I played at the highest levels of European basketball for 15 years, in Italy and major Belgian clubs such as Antwerp Giants , Telindus Oostende (Champion 2007, Cup winner in 2008), Mons (Cup winner in 2011) as well as the captain of the Belgian national team.


After my career, In 2012, I helped launch a fantastic startup that created and marketed the worlds first cutting edge basketball automated video technology. After selling the company in 2015, I traveled a lot between the offices in Brussels to NY. On March 22 2016, I was ready to check-in when the two bombs went off in what became the Brussels Airport attacks.


A bullet shattered my right hip, I lost a lot of blood, and nearly lost my legs. But my mental and physical strength allowed me to overcome and reach a unique and lesson-filled accomplishment …survivor.


Many surgeries later and with a handicapped left leg for the rest of my days, I decided to grab this second chance in life with both hands. I started talking about that crisis and my newly gained perspective on Life, as a therapy. I wanted to turn my negative experience into a positive message: that fear is the ultimate illusion holding us back each day!


I don’t believe in fear. In my mind, it doesn’t even exist. Even not (re-)starting to run and preparing myself for a few heavy goals: the Antwerp 10 Miles, de Brussels 20k and the Brussels Marathon. Apart from these personal goals, I try to spread my message as much as possible, to inspire people.  Very humbly, I’m on my own inspirational crusade !


In his motivational speech, Sebastien takes you through his emotional and physical journey highlighting how he emerged from the brink of death and rebuilt himself using his 4 Pillars of Life approach. This resulted in a life with even more passion, a new found clarity, and a unique perspective on Life. A true inspirational session !


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Manager Spirou Charleroi


After his career as a player, Sebastien stayed involved in basketball. He combined his know-how in his beloved sport with his management skills and became an advisor and member of the staff of Belgian Spirou Charleroi. From the beginning of 2018 on, Sebastien is general manager of the team.

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